October 30, 2013

Inspiration Bats

I had an extra day a little while ago thanks to Christopher Columbus (I guess he was good for one thing) On a typical day off I procrastinate on the fun stuff I have been planning to do on the weekend and do chores and other not so fun but necessary things. (I know I sound like quite the thrilling person!) But that Monday was not a typical day off, Monday was a bonus that I left blank in my planner. I decided instead of being held back by the dishwasher that needed unloading or the stove that needed cleaning, I was going to just do something fun that would make me happy. I sat on the couch in my pajamas and thought about all the cool stuff I have been thinking about doing. I picked these bats! It is an idea I came up with, but because I had not planned every single detail and step of how I would pull it off I hadn't done it yet. (I tend to procrastinate by planning since technically I am working on the project but I am not really doing anything productive) This time thanks to Chris I JUST WENT FOR IT! It was thrilling and turned out amazing! Today I looked back on my what that day off could have been and all the chores I could have done and I realized I am really happy with the choice I made. Every time I look up at my TV and see those bats they make me happy! I might even keep them up after Halloween! Now go out and do something you have been procrastinating on! You might just make everyday after a little happier!

Also let me know in the comments if anyone wants my template and instructions and I might do a "how to" post later!

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