January 16, 2014

The Perfect Planner - Part 2

Hello Internet!

I have been using my planner I made for about a month now and while it hasn't changed too much I am using it a lot differently than I thought I would. It also has a more finished feel and I solved a lot of problems that came up while using it. The largest difference since the last post is color!

Click here to see Part 1

I started using shaded areas for weekends and other background areas similar to  the planner I had before. It made it very easy to see my month at a glance. I also have week sheets now that were INSANELY difficult to figure out how to print! I am using regular 8.5 x 11 paper cut in half, and to make my margins even the pages had to be printed with the inside margins on the outside. It was a nightmare and I am glad I don't have to deal with it again until March!

I also solved a problem I have always had with ALL of my previous planners. You have a whole section of used pages you will probably never look at again in the front and another whole section of yet to be used pages in the back. I don't want to carry around all those pages that I am not using! My solution!

Only print out the months ahead not the weeks. It is the same information twice so I printed out the rest of the months of the year. Every new month I will print out the following month's week pages. BAM! No extra future pages to lugg around!

As for the past, it gets stapled and filed away.

I am really happy with it because it has everything I want and if I find that something is missing, I can add it in!

Here are a few things I can't live without in my planner:

-A color key to decode my week at a glance!

-Blog Month Planning pages

-Various list pages

-Sticker and tab area

-"This Week" to do list

-Slacker List
This is basically a list of all the stuff I didn't get done the week before and don't want to forget about.

I draw a smiley face if I get everything done!

-A place to put my weekly and monthly goals

-Special dates

-Meal Planning pages

and LOTS of space for notes!

I am thinking of selling a customized PDF download version on an Etsy shop if there is any interest so let me know and I can see what I can do! I could easily do mini and full page with what I have so far!

See you next week!

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