May 15, 2014

Simple DIY Abstract Art

A crucial part of wedding planning is to STOP PLANNING!

Allow me a little tangent real quick!
It is really easy to get burnt out on all this stuff and I think if my best friend hadn't gotten engaged soon after me (CONGRATS OLIVIA!) I would have been just about sick of teal carnivals! Luckily I can help her plan a totally different adorable theme, Valentines Day wedding! It is like a breath of fresh air to think about her wedding, but keep all the momentum I had built from the planning I was doing for my own.

If you are not crazy like me and enjoy taking a break from wedding planning by wedding planning, I would suggest spending some extra time on your favorite hobbies. I am going to try this too with my blog. Every month or two I am going to have a completely wedding free post. I will share fun things and tutorials that I am doing around the house. I think this will be a nice break for all of us and might help tame the inner bridezilla!

I am going to start things off this week with a abstract painting I did recently with my hubby to be! It was very simple and had unexpectedly amazing results!

We started off with 5 blank canvases we bought at a craft store for super cheap. They were all ready to paint on so we laid them out and marked where we wanted them to sit next to each other. We moved every other canvas up 2 inches to give it a fun look.

After everything was measured and in the right place we taped across all the canvases to hold it together.

We used electrical tape. It wasn't my first choice but it gave us really clean lines in the end so it all worked out!

Then we went tape crazy! We tried to have more tape lines in the center to create a focus point. Next we grabbed the colors we thought would look nice and started painting the sections that the tape made. The center we left the paint solid, and as it got closer to the outside edges we started mixing the colors.

We got a little too excited and ripped the tape off before I could snag a picture with all the tape still on. It was messy and looked weird. At that point we really didn't have high hopes of the project looking like we had planned, but then we took the tape off and it was perfect!

Ta Da! We hung it up in the living room and now we get to look at it everyday!
This project was super easy and fun and I would highly recommend it to anyone no artsyness required! If you can paint semi in the lines you can do this. After buying the canvases, paint and tape the whole project cost under $30.

So go out and make some art!

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