June 05, 2014

How I Accidentally Found my Dress

It didn't hit us until we started walking to the car. We REALLY just bought our wedding dresses! I certainly felt weird buying my dress over a year before my wedding, but it just seemed so right. Here is how it happened.

The week before I was going through my email and I had a message about a wedding event in Napa. It was strange because the past few events I had been to were never so close. So I asked Olivia (my maid of honor) if I could drag her to another wedding show. She of course said yes and a few days later we got lost (in the town I live in) looking for the event...

So when we finally got there we looked around. It was a bit smaller than I had thought but there were A LOT of dresses! This was a Brides Against Breast Cancer event.

Brides against breast cancer is a non profit organization that collects donated wedding dresses and resells them at a discount to raise money to help people with cancer. Since wedding dresses are usually only worn once it means these dresses are usually in pretty good shape. All the ones at the event I went to practically looked brand new other than a little pull or stain here and there. Easy fixes! Overall they do a really good job and I would really recommend buying your dress at one of their events. Plus you will save a ton of money and what you do spend goes to a great cause! Win Win!

So back to shopping! We started looking around and instantly found tons of hilarious dresses! It was too much fun looking at the crazy dresses that someone actually wore on their big day! So I grabbed a few short dresses that I thought might have a chance and then Olivia and I both decided to try on one of the silly dresses just for fun. I chose a big poofy long dress, the complete opposite of what I wanted or planned on getting.

Can you guess what dresses happened to look amazing and fit us both perfectly?
Yeah, the silly dresses...

When I looked in the mirror after zipping it up I actually said "Oh no!" because I really really liked it and it fit like a glove. I then looked at the price tag hoping it was too expensive. It was really affordable! DARN!

Olivia's was an amazing deal also and we ended up getting them. It didn't really hit us until we were walking out to the car and we weren't entirely sure what to do after because of the shock of doing something so impulsive. It was a strange day.

So that is how I accidentally bought my wedding dress! Well, one of them anyway... but that is story for another day!

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