November 07, 2013

8 Months of Mayonnaise

Hello Internet!

Today being Thursday I am going to start my Thursday Thoughts off with Mayonnaise!

Last year me and my fiance (boyfriend at the time) moved into our very own apartment! Previously we were in a room at my dad's house. When we left my father gave us a few odd ball things to start us off. Being a chef these made sense since these are our kitchen staples.

1. A GIGANTIC can of tomatos
2. A 2.2 lb container of chicken bullion
3. A 1 Gallon container of mayonnaise!

Do you know how much a gallon of mayonnaise is? Do you know long it takes 2 average mayonnaise consumers to go through a gallon of it?

The ansewer to the first is: OMG THIS CONTAINER IS TOO BIG FOR OUR FRIDGE!
(we have a smaller fridge and we were constantly redo the puzzle that was the bottom shelf so everything would fit.)

The answer to the second question is 8 MONTHS!

We finally had to buy mayonnaise this week and it was a strange feeling having a fourth of our bottom shelf in the fridge back. Suddenly we had room for our leftover containers! It was also strange seeing the empty jar in the recycling...

Oh you want to see it?
Here it is next to a much smaller 2qt container.
Note: 2qt was the LARGEST size we could buy at our usual grocery store. and it still makes the gallon size look big!!!

So there is your random tidbit of the day today, that is what a gallon of mayonnaise looks like!
Now that it is gone and recycled I kind of miss it...

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