November 12, 2013


Hello Internet!

My normal Monday morning blog post just was not going to happen yesterday, and here is why.

My November 9th Facebook Status - "I had a terrible day today so I made myself a big messy pink cake to make myself feel better! TAKE THAT UNIVERSE I HAVE CAKE NOW SO THERE!"

Let me start with that morning...

It was a lovely Saturday and I wanted to watch me some bath crashers! Turns out the xbox did not agree with my plans. Xbox live was down so me and my fiance decided it xboxes are DUMB and that we would finally hook up the play station and watch it on there. After few giant sparks, a horrendously terrible smell, and a very loud humming zzzzzzzz noise we had a PS3 that smelled like burning plastic (along with the rest of the apartment) and this in the back of our brand new 55in smart TV:

(For my less techie readers that is an HDMI cable melted into the hole that it goes into!!!)

Yeah it was kind of bad... okay is was REALLY REALLY bad!
Turns out that we had a wall plug that was not grounded and hadn't been the whole time we were living here!!!

Wow that explains this whole other list of problems and shocks that we couldn't figure out why they were happening! 

For example:
-Our old flat screen frying
-Larry's fancy nerd computer frying
-3 other HDMI cords melting
-Numerous shocks and sparks

So what does a cake have to do with this?

I was not in a good place and I didn't have any ice cream or chocolate eat my feelings with so I made myself a cake! I had a store bought strawberry cake mix and a jar of cherry frosting in the pantry so it was cheating a little, but that just made it better! I made myself a big messy pink cake and slathered a whole container of bright pink cherry frosting. It was the most obnoxious thing I have ever made. It was even bright pink on the inside! and you know what I thought?! IT NEEDS SPRINKLES! So I added them! and then I took pictures! 

Anyway it made me feel a lot better! 
So remember, you can turn a bad day around with something that makes you smile!
Don't give in to the terrible that might be around you, and don't wait for it to get better! 
Make it better NOW! 
(with cake)

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