January 23, 2014

Making Your Day More Efficient

Hello Internet!

I have noticed that lazy procrastinators such as myself are excellent problem solvers! They also tend to be crazy efficient in certain aspects of their life to be able to sustain their poor time management habits.

Take me for example:
When I am sitting on the couch watching TV and the remote is just out of reach you won't catch me bending ever so slightly forward! NO! I will look around me until I find something to nudge it just within reach. A magazine, a sock, some random cat toy stick, a sock attached to a random cat toy? It doesn't matter as long as I don't have to get up. I usually end up exerting more energy flinging and aiming a cat toy at the remote than I would have if I just got up in the first place!

Now imagine if I put all that brain power to good use instead of laziness!
That is the plan and here is how you can do it!

1. Ask yourself what parts of your life are horrendously inefficient?

For me this was my morning routine. I always thought getting up earlier would solve this problem, but I was getting up 3 hours before I had to leave for work and consistently spazzing out for the 15 min before I had to leave because I would suddenly remember all the stuff I needed to do.

2. Create a schedule or checklist.
Order of events is important! Think about it room by room. There is no reason to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom 4 times because you keep forgetting things!
Example: I set my clothes in the bathroom every night for the next day before I go to bed so I don't have to leave the bathroom until I am completely ready! This 5 min fix saves me 15 in the morning because I tend to get indecisive about what to wear if I am rushing.

3. Post that schedule and stick to it!
Mine is in the pantry since that is where my morning prep begins, but putting it in a more noticeable place is a better plan if you are worried you might forget to do it.

Another fun thing I use for my morning tasks is HabitRPG

It treats your life and habits like a game! You get experience and cool drops like potions and eggs to collect pets! This really works as motivation for me because of the pet collecting and competitiveness of leveling up! I go on in the morning before work and check off all my habits like making the bed or flossing the night before and if I forget one I do it really quick! There is something about missing one and having it cause the little virtual me harm that really makes me want to Dust on Mondays!

So how about you guys, what crazy things do you do in the name of laziness?

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