January 30, 2014

February Blog Changes!

Hello Internet!

Today post was supposed to be about getting lazy in 2014 and how to inch toward your goals to actually get them done. As you can see it is not.

One of my goals for 2014 was to plan all of my blog posts a month in advance. After spending this month trying to decide a focus for my blog and the posts for February, I ended up too broad a focus and not enough planned post for next month. I have a second blog that I was planning on starting next month and since it is my wedding planning blog there is no lack of topics. Before I got engaged I had no clue how much work goes into wedding planning!!! I have also recently been thinking about starting my own Etsy shop with a graphic design for weddings theme.

So why am I rambling about all of this?

The Desultory Dilettante is going to be doing some major changing in the next 2 months! I am converting it into my wedding planning and general DIY/Craftyness blog since I have an abundance of topics. I will be doing a complete blog redesign this month and it will be ready and going up at the end of this month!

Also don't worry I am not wedding crazy (...yet) so while the posts will all fit neatly in the weddings category all the topics can be used for general times you might need to plan for something overly detailed, make cute little things, or set a fancy table. There are so many things to talk about that when the big day finally gets here I plan to be (and teach you to be) an EXPERT in fancy and fun parties!

That is all a wedding really is anyway, a big fancy party!
So tag along on this crazy wedding planning roller coaster and I promise you will learn amazing things!

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