January 09, 2014

Starting Fresh in 2014

Hello Internet!

My personal goal or theme for January is "Starting Fresh" I am basically using the new year (like most people) to start over and make new better habits for myself. I started back in December planning all my goals for the new year and buying myself a white board to add a big visual reminder to myself to stick to them! The white board idea was inspired by Sarah over at XO SARAH. Her escape story from her 9 to 5 job to the freedom of her own business really got me PUMPED to get my act together this year! So after my letter to myself for January I set up a whiteboard of my own as a BIG COLORFUL to do list for 2014! Here is is!

I tried to make it as eye catching as possible to try and force myself to look at it every day. I also put it right next to me on my desk! It is really hard to miss.

Under the polka dotted "2014" is my weekly challenge for 52 Week Organized House Challenge. I wanted to get more organized this year and this challenge made it easy to get a little something done every day. Usually I just try to tackle a huge project and then only half finish it or never keep it nice nearly as long as I would like.

Below that week's challenge I made a spot for my weekly and monthly goals and I cross them off as I get them done. There is something really satisfying about crossing tasks off on lists that motivates me to cross off more! Under my goals is my weekly meal plan. So far this year I have stuck to it and it has already saved me so much time and cash! Plus I get to try new recipes which I always think is fun. I really wish I would have started doing this sooner!!!

Also I fully intend to erase the whole board and draw new fun titles and change any layout problems I come across throughout this first month of using it.


Well, normally I would just leave up the basic layout for the sake of time, but creating it was very calming and had a mandala like effect on my mind. I was thinking about the new year with every dot and line and all of the plans I had for it. It was soothing and crazy inspiring at the same time! I had to stop and write down ideas a few times. I think I might even set some time aside every month and get more ornate and intricate with the titles and separation lines.

So that is my super exciting white board and how I plan on getting everything done this new year! Well that and my planner, but that is the topic for next week! See you then!

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