January 02, 2014

A Letter To Myself, Getting stuff done in 2014

Hello Internet!

It has been a busy and stressful few months for me so sorry about not posting! Fortunately all the crazy of the holidays is over and I am gearing up for a productive new year! I am starting with my plan to get stuff done!

At the beginning of November I wrote a letter to myself with all of the things I wanted to get done in that month. This was a test to see how much of my ever growing To Do list actually gets done in a month since it never seems to get any smaller. After failing miserably, but learning a lot (I got 5 of the 13 goals done) I tried another letter for December.

Yesterday I read my December letter and made notes on it on what I got done from the list.

(The big red lines are some subtractions I made after realizing Christmas is in December and I would have a lot of holiday stuff to deal with. I needed to be a little more realistic with myself!)

My inspiration for making this letter came from planning my wedding. I made a month by month list of everything that needed to happen and when looking at the insanely organized page (I had it down to what week things were supposed to get done) I realized that I can get a ton of stuff done in a year!!! Why not try this out with other To Dos in my life? So I made a mini one for just one month.

Here is how to do your own letter to yourself to look back and (hopefully) feel awesome at how much you got done that month!

1. Grab your big fat To Do list or make a new one with all the things you want to get done. Choose enough from your list to have one or two things to check off each week for that month. Just don't overdo it! Maybe pick one big one and give yourself two weeks to do it, and then pick a few smaller tasks for the other weeks.
          -Save $200.
          -Fix that broken thing I still haven't got around to fixing.
          -Hang up that picture that has been sitting on the floor for a month.
          -Actually do a pin from Pinterest!

2. Add a habit or two to the list that you have been having a hard time mastering
          -Wash dishes as soon as you are done with them.
          -Start finishing blog posts a day early instead of last minute.
          -Make sure the dirty clothes make it into the hamper! (This means getting up when that rolled up sock just misses the toss from across the room)

3. Shoot for the Moon! Pick something you have been really wanting to do! Maybe you are like me and couldn't justify doing it because of all the other things you really should be doing first. This one is supposed to be fun and it helps you get started if you aren't feeling very motivated.
          -Start a new hobby like sewing, and be specific! Actually plan the first project you want to do.
          -Start Learning a new language!
          -Go Sky Diving

4. Now write your letter to you in a month. Date it and include your list. Then put it in a place you will be able to find it in a month, like in your planner or wall calendar stuck to the next month. If you want to go the more digital route set a reminder with where you put the list or with a link to the digital letter. Also make sure to make a copy of the list for yourself to check off this month.

5. Put the list somewhere you see it often or near the thing you need to do. Schedule the individual tasks in your planner. Plaster post it notes all over your house if that helps you. Just make them obvious so it is hard to forget to do them!

6. Have an awesome productive month!

7. Check back at the beginning of the next month and see all the stuff you accomplished!

I have noticed that setting up rewards for myself really helps too! If you get everything done that month treat yourself!

Now go out and be productive!

What tasks are you putting on your to do list this month? Any New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the comments!

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