June 19, 2014

2 Dresses? No Way!

Dresses!? Two? What are you made out of money?
I have watched my fair share of say yes to the dress and it always blew my mind when one of the brides would drop $10,000 on two or even three dresses for the wedding. For me it was hard for me to imagine spending any large amount of money on just ONE dress let alone multiple dresses that I was only going to wear for a day.

When I was in the fitting room with the dress I ended up purchasing the main thing I had going though my head was "I love this dress, but it is not what I thought I wanted" I struggled back and forth over if I should get it since it was my plan from the beginning to get a Tea length or shorter dress so I could dance in it easily. While having my inner dilemma one of the ladies working the dress event asked me if I had thought about having 2 dresses to solve my problem. I looked again at the price tag of the dress I was wearing and gave that a serious thought. That seems very doable, and the only reason 2 dresses was never an option was only because of price. It seemed excessive and a waste of my already small budget. So I decided to be one of those girls and have 2 dresses for my wedding.

So I can't find out where I read this (Despite spending over an hour looking) but I read that at one point it was common that a woman's wedding dress was re-purposed as her best dress or a church dress. After her wedding she would have the dress dyed another color and be able to wear it for more than just her wedding day. Financially this makes a lot of sense and it is a lot less wasteful compared to current traditions.

So I want to do just that! I plan on making my shorter dancing dress with my mom and then wearing it as a nice dress later on like what women did back then. I might even try to dye it a new color!!! I will get more use out of it and all the work we put into it will be more worth it if I wear it more than once.

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