July 31, 2014

What's in my Wedding Bin?

Last month I purchased a big teal bin! The plans I had for this bin were huge! All my procrastination and stress for making my own wedding stuff could be gone because of this bin.

What is the deal with this bin?
This is my wedding craft bin! I was supposed to buy it back in April so when I started gathering the supplies May for the DIY work that was planned for June I would have a safe place to put everything. There really isn't a point in doing everything so far in advance if it is just going to get smooshed and you have to start over. I also had an easy way to transport everything.

It was a great plan. It was all outlined on my Planning Sheet I was going to have all the boutonnieres done by the end of this month and I would already have the bulk of the centerpiece stuff bought and ready to start assembling. I was going to be oh so very on top of things.

Here is what is currently in my wedding bin (that I ended up buying only a few weeks ago)

  1. A few yards of messed up fabric - I found this a while ago with my mom and didn't want to get it because the low price at the time wasn't quite low enough to make up for the big black marks on it. It went on sale again and I couldn't help getting it this time since it was only $6.
  2. Ribbon - This was going to be my test ribbon for making flowers for bouquets and decoration. I have yet to even attempt making a flower. 
  3. Wire for ribbon flower making - Yeah, I really don't have a good excuse why I haven't tried them yet.
  4. Random pipe cleaners - I don't know why these are in here. Maybe I thought I could use them for the flowers? 
  5. Empty Space! 
Pretty pathetic... It WAS a great plan. Too bad I didn't stick to it! So now I am tweaking the plan and basically redoing everything for the next few months so that I can catch up. I will do another post like this in a few months with an update on the state of the wedding bin. Hopefully it will have a little more to it...

So what projects have you been putting on the back burner? I know I can't be the only one!

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