November 14, 2013

The Perfect Planner - Part 1

Hello Internet! 

Ever since middle school when I was handed my mandatory planner I have been a planner fanatic! I love being able to look at a page and see everything I need to do or have accomplished in a given week or month. I love crossing things off and writing with a real pen! I have tried the digital route and it was never as satisfying as a physical planner and it was always annoying how limiting they are! (I like to doodle in my planner if I am excited about a given day) So I was always on the lookout for a good planner! Each year I would buy a new one hoping that it would be THE ONE, but while every new planner had some great part of it that made me buy it in the first place, none of them had EVERYTHING I wanted in a planner. 

This year after becoming a blog stalker I found a lot of bloggers making their own planners to fit their needs. I know how to design page layouts why didn't I just make mine before!? I did think of it before and it was the binding that always caused problems. (well that and the fact I procrastinate so much I never finished it before old planner ended) I looked into binders and having it bound, but binders are too bulky and having it bound was too permanent and didn't allow for the massive amount of paper collecting I tend to do. So I gave up, and once again I purchased a regular planner. 

Here is a page from my current planner! I have everything color coded to make things easier to read.

And just because I love it so much, here is my pen pouch and pens that I carry with it!

This planner was my switch to a big kid planner since I had always used academic planners. Making the switch mid-year when my old planner ended meant that the first half of this planner wasn't used at all. I loved the colors though, and the page layouts were perfect for me. So I gave up for a while on my dream of having the perfect planner since this one was okay for now.

Then I found this:

This is a disc bound notebook. You can take pages out and put them back in like a binder but it has the slim profile of a spiral bound notebook! Since this notebook is small it is really easy to take with me and even fits in my purse! 

Being eager to use this thing I printed out some test pages to use as a blog planner. Then using a hole punch and some scissors managed to get them working in the notebook! (I wasn't patient enough to wait a week for the disc bound punch I ordered online)

Boy was this tricky to figure out! Getting the margins to be even and have enough space for the holes. Good thing I only had to figure it out once! All that work and all I have to show is the bare bones of a month, BUT I STARTED! My dream planner is coming to life in front of me and I am so excited! 
Now for the hard part! Figuring out what I want...

Next week I will post part 2 where I will go through some of my must have features in a planner and my second round of layout testing! See you then!

Click Here to see part 2!

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