February 06, 2014

How it Began - The Proposal

Hello Internet!

Lets start with what started this whole wedding thing!

The Proposal.
After an amazing trip to Las Vegas we headed to part two of our big summer vacation we had been looking forward to for months. (No we did not get engaged in Las Vegas...) We were headed to one of both of our favorite places Disneyland! One sunscreen party and a tram ride later we walked in the gates and headed straight for Pirates of the Caribbean. I have to admit I had a feeling it was going to happen in Disneyland, but I had no idea when and not knowing was killing me! After Pirates we went to tom sawyer island because it was open and I swear it has been closed every time I have been there recently! We take the little raft over and start looking around. I spot those round tube things you talk into that connect with another one farther away, and I run over to it. Larry spots the one connected  it is connected to up on a bridge and tells me to go to it. So I run up the stairs and say hello into the tube. I hear a hello back and then  he tells me to look back over the bridge. So I turn around look down over the side of the bridge and he is on one knee with a ring!!!

After all the cute bits with him asking me a certain question and me saying yes he then hands me my phone knowing I would want to start texting everyone the news! (he knows me well!)
Here is a close up of my ring! I took the picture on Star Tours since the lighting was making it look even more amazing!

So that is how it happened and I couldn't be happier!

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