March 13, 2014

Picking a Theme & Colors

Hello Internet!

I wanted to start off the month's projects with something fun, but also SUPER important! IF there is a good place to begin with wedding/party planning then picking a theme and colors would be it. It sure seems like a fun thing you were probably thinking about anyway, but it is crucial in future decisions and makes them a lot easier to make. Here is what happened to me.

For me, colors were a no brainer. Everything was going to be teal! I added silver to spice things up a bit, but when it came to choosing specific items for decor I was having a really hard time choosing what fit this dream wedding image in my head. So I spent hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfectly me teal centerpiece and wasn't happy with anything I found. I looked at so many other people's weddings and realized what I liked so much was how they flowed. They had a theme, and I wanted one now too!

So why is this important?
When you have a theme everything starts falling into place. I chose Vintage Carnival as my theme because it was a way I could include all of the random details I had actually made up my mind about. (I knew I wanted candy, balloons, and a general fun atmosphere to my wedding!) Once I had the theme, suddenly it was easy to pick centerpieces and decor and food and outfits!  I had something to reference to spark some ideas I could choose from. (I probably spent a solid 2 hours on Pinterest going carnival crazy with all the options that all fit perfectly!)

Having a hard time picking a theme and colors? I know I did!
Here are some questions to ask yourself and your fiance to get some ideas flowing!

What colors do you own a lot of? 

What colors make you happy whenever you see them?

What places always make you happy?

What does your dream dress look like? (your theme should fit how formal your dress will be)

Close your eyes and imagine walking into you dream reception what do you see?

What are some specific details?

Is it outside? 

What time of day or year is it? 

How does it make you feel?

Where do you have the most fun?

Where do you feel the most comfortable?

Have you been to any themed parties that you really enjoyed? 

What did you like about them?

Once you have your theme and colors picked out it will be so much easier to make decisions later on! Also if you haven't yet (not likely) make a Pinterest board for your wedding. It is perfect for brainstorming and finding ideas, plus it is SO FUN! That is where I got the awesome collage for my image above. Check out my Wedding Pinterest Board for all of the cool ideas from a bunch of awesome people!

Have an awesome idea that you just want to tell someone? Do you have a favorite party theme? Let me know in the comments!

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