August 14, 2014

Using Pinterest Responsibly

I don't know how many times I have been told "I wish I had Pinterest when I was planning my wedding! It would have made everything so much easier!"

Oh Really?

While I see what they are saying and I want to agree with them picture this:

It is about 12am
I should have gone to bed hours ago, but I... can't... stop... Pinning! I don't know how I ended up making a board about cats in bow ties, but I have managed to collect over 200 pins for it. Wasn't I doing something? What did I come on here to look up in the first place? OH! Wedding stuff!

(Goes back to pinning wedding related pins)

It is 2am
I am currently pinning chicken salad recipes... It's 2 AM?! I really need to go to bed!

Sound familiar? I have lost count of how many times this has happened to me. I go on Pinterest to try and figure out an awesome solution to some detail on my wedding and end up all over the place, hours wasted, and no real progress made. I knew I needed to make a change or Pinterest was going to end up as more of a distraction than the amazing tool it should be. So here is how I use Pinterest Responsibly.

Plan Before You Pin
Have something to pin about. Focus on only that item or theme. Don't just start pinning blindly and hope you end up with a good collection in the end.

Don't allow yourself to change the board you are pinning to
Since Pinterest automatically assumes you are going to pin from the board you last pinned to it makes focusing really easy if you set some rules. Don't let yourself change the board you are pinning to and it will force you to stay focused.
TIP: If you find something in your focused search that you ABSOLUTELY NEED on one of your other boards open the pin in a new tab and let it sit there until you are done pinning or have time for less focused pinning.

Schedule It
If you are not currently PINspired you are less likely to spend so much time pinning, so schedule a time to pin and while it will be less fun it will also be more efficient!

Variety Over Quantity 
You do not need 20 versions of the same necklace on your jewelry board. My goal is to usually pin a small variety so my boards don't get too big and confusing yet they have a lot of ideas and options. So use a lot of differing key words in your searches and try not to pin more than 3 of similar looking items.

Make a lot of boards!
When it comes to wedding pinning I have a lot of boards with not too many pins. I of course have my crazy big general board to take pins from when making more focused boards, but a majority of my boards only have 100 or less pins. This keeps every thing easy to find and forces me to use Pinterest as a planning tool and not a picture collection.

If you want to see how I organized my wedding planing pins check out my Pinterest Profile!

Good luck fellow pinners!

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